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February 23, 2014

ejabberd: message archive management (XEP-0313)

I have started implementing an ejabberd module that targets the experimental 'Message Archive Management' (XEP-0313) specification.
February 20, 2014

External ejabberd authentication script

Example on how to use a python script for the external ejabberd authentication mechanism
October 3, 2013

ejabberd cluster setup

Short walkthrough on building a ejabberd clustered setup
June 26, 2013

Get going with vim

Useful plugins and settings you may want to know when using vim for programming
April 21, 2013

Eclipse: Maximum heap size on gentoo

I had some troubles to increase the maximum heap size used by eclipse on my gentoo installation. Read on to see how to solve it.
April 7, 2013

Using distcc with your Raspberry Pi

Using gentoo on your Raspberry Pi may sound like a suboptimal choice considering the awful long compile times. To speed things up you can setup your main workstation to serve as a distcc build server.
January 16, 2013

Writing an ejabberd HTTP module

Small introduction on how to write a custom HTTP module for ejabberd
January 13, 2013

SharpXml - .NET XML serializer written in F#

I have just released the version 1.0 of my .NET XML serializer written in F#. Have a look and give it a try!
December 3, 2012

Using folders in F# projects in Visual Studio

Mysteriously Visual Studio does not allow to add folders to F# projects. However it is perfectly possible to do so anyway.
December 3, 2012

Out reference parameters in F#

Ever wanted to create or override a function with an out parameter in F#? This is how it's done.